What is a typical day at Cherry Run youth camp?

Read below to find out!

There is always a full schedule for Cherry Run's youth campers! From age 12 to 17, the camp's youth can be found at their many activities throughout the day. Make sure to bring a pen and an extra pair of shoes, because from mission and Bible lessons to choir and recreation, there is always plenty to do!

pen and paper
Morning Activities

Early in the morning, the youth meet to start the day off with prayer and singing at the Singsperation gathering! After that comes breakfast, but some campers may still be falling asleep.

Sleepy campers at the Dining Hall
Kitchen Work Duty

After eating breakfast, the youth have some time to clean their dorms. Campers with the messiest dorm may be assigned extra chores! But they still manage to have fun and enjoy hanging out with friends while helping out around the camp.

Around 11 o'clock, after the youth have their Bible and mission lessons, the entire camp meets together for the morning worship services with the camp evangelists and missionaries. After the service, it's off to the lunch line!

Youth Campers At Breakfast
Midday Activities
Youth Choir Rehearsal

Choir comes after lunch, and is led by the song evangelist. The campers work together to prepare songs, which they have the opportunity to sing in the evening services!

Following choir, it's time for one of our favorite activities...

Youth Choir Rehearsal
Recreation Activities

Recreation is a favorite part of the day for nearly everybody. With team-based games, things may get a little bit crazy!

Youth Take the Rec Field
Youth have some fun after the rain

And sometimes after a rainy night, a bit of mud can make things even more fun!

A camper demonstrates his pull-up abilities
Staying hydrated on the recreation field

But don't forget to stay hydrated, because the day is still far from being finished!

After a busy day of being youth campers, the youth have some free time to clean up and prepare for dinner and the evening service, as well as time to relax with friends.

Youth kick back after a long day
Youth kick back after a long day
Youth kick back after a long day
Youth kick back after a long day

Once the day is through and the final bell has rung, the youth return to their dorms to hang out and have devotions. "Lights out" is called at 11, but some campers may have a difficult time bidding farewell to a fun day with friends. They'll want to get some rest, though, because the next day is just as action-packed with making new memories and friends at Cherry Run Camp!

Make plans to join in the fun, July 27 - August 4, 2019! Get the camp brochure to register today, and familiarize yourself with the camp rules and regulations!